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A brief tutorial on how to use Julia to analyze graphs using the JuliaGraphs packages

Example of Graph created using LigthsGraphs.jl and VegaLite.jl

An easy Tutorial on using PackageCompiler.jl to create a precompiled Custom Julia version

LunarVim as a Julia IDE

Introducing LunarVim

A brief tutorial on training a Neural Network with Flux.jl

A tutorial on how to create and deploy your Julia Package documentation using Documenter.jl and GitHub Actions.

A Tutorial on how to quickly and easily develop your own Julia package

A Tutorial on how to setup a blog using GitHub, Jekyll and MathJax

A quick tutorial on how to install Julia on Ubuntu and add the kernel to Jupyter

1. Using Apt-Get

sudo apt-get install julia


Interested in Mathematics, Julia Programming and Mathematica.

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