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A brief tutorial on how to use Julia to analyze graphs using the JuliaGraphs packages

Example of Graph created using LigthsGraphs.jl and VegaLite.jl

JuliaGraphs Project

An easy Tutorial on using PackageCompiler.jl to create a precompiled Custom Julia version

LunarVim as a Julia IDE

Introducing LunarVim

A brief tutorial on training a Neural Network with Flux.jl

1. What we are going to build

A tutorial on how to create and deploy your Julia Package documentation using Documenter.jl and GitHub Actions.

1. Creating Docstring

A Tutorial on how to quickly and easily develop your own Julia package

A Tutorial on how to setup a blog using GitHub, Jekyll and MathJax

What is Jekyll and MathJax

A quick tutorial on how to install Julia on Ubuntu and add the kernel to Jupyter

1. Using Apt-Get

sudo apt-get install julia

2. From the Website (recommended)


Interested in Mathematics, Julia Programming and Mathematica.

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